Identify optimum marketing channels

Telephone calls are an important part of customer engagement. Your customers might use the phone to ask qualifying questions, purchase products or engage your services. The need for a conversation is still an essential part of the customer’s journey and the sales process – especially for higher valued goods and services and if there’s complexity involved in the purchase.

These customers might have seen your phone number displayed on a billboard, watched a television commercial with a phone number as a call to action, seen a banner ad online or been referred to call via your website. Not to mention print ads in newspapers and magazines and paid online search advertising.

With so many marketing options, how do you know where your calls are coming from? With sophisticated online and offline marketing campaigns running simultaneously how can you accurately determine the success of your marketing spend that’s driving telephone inquiry? How do you know what channels are delivering high value telephone calls?

If your business encourages customers to contact your team using a telephone, then you should consider the benefits of call tracking.

By tracking calls you’ll have the data to determine the most effective marketing channels. With this information, your team can optimise the marketing spend to maximum the return on investment. You can confidently allocate those valuable marketing dollars to attract the audience you want to reach.

Additionally, as the digital age increases in dominance, it is becoming more important that business not only identify call traffic coming from their website but to also accurately pinpoint the entire customer’s journey from online search, to your website’s landing page, navigation around the site and the web page that inspired the call. Email inquiries are tracked through web analytics platforms but if you don’t also track customer’s that call your business then you’re missing a key metric.

With call tracking you’ll be able to confidently optimise your online marketing spend knowing that you have taken into account all the relevant data.

How businesses benefit from tracking calls

  • Identify the customer journey that leads to a call
  • Gain insights into customer behaviours by identifying what leads to a call and what happens on a call.
  • Identify and optimise marketing initiatives that drive calls
  • Identify and optimise marketing initiatives that drive calls that lead to sales