Through a technical integration, Delacon’s call tracking solution can send call data into the Performance Horizon Group (PHG) reporting tool so that you can have easy access to all of your affiliate marketing performance data in one platform. You’ll be able to more effectively measure the most successful affiliate websites and take complete credit for all the leads you generate for your clients.

Placing the client’s phone number on the affiliate website is a simple and effective call to action. However the challenge is to accurately track the volume of calls generated directly from the affiliate website. The integration of Delacon’s solution and PHG gives you the ability to track how many calls each affiliate website generates for your client.

In addition to the call conversion from the affiliate site, you also may decide to include a link from the affiliate website to the client website. While it’s relatively easy to track the volume of traffic, what happens if the prospect decides to call from the client’s website? The “first click” attribution can be assigned to the affiliate website and the conversion as a phone call can be attributed to the client website. With Delacon’s call tracking solution and PHG, you’ll have the ability to accurately attribute the affiliate source to the call from the client website.

Call conversion data is important because sales calls generally attract higher quality prospects. In today’s competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to analyse online web leads in isolation. As an agency or advertiser, by capturing both web and call conversion data in PHG, you’ll be able to more effectively analyse the true representation of which affiliate marketing site is delivering the most leads.

Analyse call conversion data in PHG

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