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Delacon Now Integrated With Optimizely X

Delacon now integrated with Optimizely X

Delacon's call tracking solution is now integrated with Optimizely X, Optimizely's upgrade to their classic version. Optimizely X is an experimentation platform, allowing businesses to build digital experiments – including A/B testing and personsalisation - to help improve customer experience.…

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Call Data Provides Valuable Insights To Optimise ECommerce Websites

Call data provides valuable insights to optimise eCommerce websites

While the concepts around the measurement and optimisation of campaigns with the inclusion of all available conversion data will always be a fundamental element of call tracking, there are other key stakeholders, aside from marketing teams, that may find the…

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Custom Call Tracking And Reporting Implementations

Custom call tracking and reporting implementations

As a marketer, you may use your imagination to develop interesting and unusual campaigns that deliver cut through for your company or your client’s organisation. The traditional advertising methods may no longer be enough to ensure campaign success. Regardless of how you…

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Top 5 Ways Call Tracking Will Help Put Customers At The Centre Of Your Business

Top 5 ways call tracking will help put customers at the centre of your business

Over the past year or so businesses have been embracing the concept of placing their customers at the heart of everything they do. This focus towards customer centricity may have inspired a raft of changes to the way you operate – from…

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What To Do With Call Data Now That You Have It

What to do with call data now that you have it

You’ve engaged the services of Delacon to track calls from your marketing campaigns. The data is being captured and sent to your desired software platform or platforms. Fantastic – this is the first step towards making informed decisions with the…

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Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution Integrates Optimizely

Delacon’s call tracking solution integrates Optimizely

The ability to determine the success of customer experience optimization, including split testing, within Optimizely today became even more accurate with the integration of Delacon’s call tracking solution. Delacon’s team has devised a unique method to analyse call data from…

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Make A/B Split Testing Decisions Based On Complete Data

Make A/B split testing decisions based on complete data

The process of refinement towards a perfectly optimised website is continual voyage of discovery for many user experience teams. As more effective methods that enhance the navigation of a website driving the lead to enquire are found – then the process continues.…

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