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Delacon is dedicated to providing world-leading Call Tracking, Call Management and Speech Analytics solutions. We work with businesses, enterprises, agencies and government organizations globally, to measure advertising campaign performance and help you confidently optimise your campaigns, knowing that you’re taking into account all available data.

With over 20 years of expertise in telecommunications, and specialising in cloud-based technologies that improve business performance through in-depth call-data analysis, we are Australia’s premier call tracking and speech analytics provider.

Our feature-rich tracking products ensure the entire customer journey is captured; from inception to the phone call and beyond, providing each of our clients with access to valuable insights that will optimise your marketing resources and internal operations.

Delacon’s powerful Speech Analytics technology takes a closer look at the types of calls customers are receiving, and transcribes all calls to reveal the nature of each conversation. We enable customer to identify keywords, categorize calls, develop lead scores, calculate call conversion rates, and much more.

Delacon’s solutions are easy to use and provide rich, highly relevant data that is easily integrated into CRMs, Google products and a plethora of marketing applications and analytical tools.

We have a thorough understanding of various industry models; and will help select products that are successfully proven to assist your business. We realise that no two clients are the same, and tailor our selection of products and services to suit you and your individual needs.

If you would like to find out more, please get in contact with one of our dedicated team members today!

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Gray Harrison

I enjoy working in a diverse environment and we have that at Delacon. I really do love helping customers and providing solutions towards getting results. I’m happily married with 2…

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Coder Rocket Scientist

Jeffrey Ng

Software development is my thing! I’m the senior developer and really enjoy working on SaaS development and integrations for call tracking and big data web anayltics. Our team is open,…

Michael Center
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Center

Thanks for visiting our website, we really appreciate your taking the time. I’ve been working with telephony technology for over 10 years and developed extensive experience in the fields of…

Nick Brennan
Call Tracking Expert

Nick Brennan

In my previous life as a Lawyer I had to work with some rigid and pompous individuals and I always had to wear a suit which got boring. Now I…