Delacon strikes integration partnership with Tableau for effective multi-channel marketing

Digital marketing company Delacon has today announced a partnership with Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform, providing marketers with actionable insights and the capability to measure return on marketing investments across channels.

The integration of Sydney-headquartered Delacon’s call analytics technology will feed rich call data into the Tableau platform which may then be matched against other data points to enable more effective marketing decision making.

Marketers and performance teams using Tableau’s interactive data visualisation dashboards can discover which media channels are effective, including highlighting the paid media campaigns driving more telephone calls. In addition, trends analysis is dynamically visualised, allowing teams to be alerted to the changes in media activities that are driving greater call engagement.

Michael Center, CEO at Delacon said: “We are excited to be partnering with Tableau to help companies make more informed business decisions driven by data. Our call tracking data will enhance data sets in Tableau, delivering a solid solution for marketers to measure ROI from digital spend and marketing activities across channels.”

Brian Matsubara, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances at Tableau added: “Delacon shares Tableau’s view that data should be leveraged to make informed business decisions. The integration of Delacon’s call analytics data enables customers to better gauge the effectiveness of their marketing resources. We welcome Delacon’s expertise in call analytics to the Tableau ecosystem.”

Delacon’s call tracking solution helps determine which marketing channels are producing the most calls, enabling optimisation of the right channels ensuring return on advertising spend.

About Delacon

Delacon is a leading global provider of a feature-rich call analytics platform that helps leading brands and digital agencies optimise marketing ROI and grow revenues through sophisticated integration of voice call capabilities into online and offline sales. With call analytics you can accurately measure and attribute every phone call to its marketing channel, optimize marketing campaigns and increase sales performance.

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