Defining Source Medium

Accurately Report on all Calls in GA by Defining your Source/Medium

Defining the source/medium fields in the Delacon Portal will enable more meaningful reporting in Google Analytics by capturing all offline call data. Fields which were previously undefined (all non website calls were categorised as “direct”) can now be configured to capture all calls coming from offline sources such as call extensions, Google my business, social media, print, television, radio and more. This means a complete picture of your sales and marketing efforts and a better understanding of campaign performance.

As well as dramatically increasing visibility, this new feature gives you more precision, flexibility and allows you to define channel groupings for a more organized way of reporting on all calls. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, with especially remarkable results from our agency and directory clients via defining their Call Extension and Google my Business mediums.

Previously all offline activity would show up as (direct)/(none)- as shown below in 1.

Inputting your source and medium into the Delacon Portal, opens up a world of opportunities and the ability to capture all offline activities that you define in their entirety. Many clients use a variety of offline platforms for their campaigns, meaning this tool is quite revolutionary in the ability to collect all relevant call data at the same time.

It’s as simple as inputting your (for call extensions as an example) source (Google) and medium (Callext)- as shown above in example 3. and you are ready to go. You can define as many sources and mediums as you would like to facilitate all your offline campaigns. For more information and to set up your source/medium please see our set up guide.