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Using the Delacon Call ID

With Delacon call tracking, you can track calls through to conversion or call outcome, and measure the importance of the call in the overall sale. The Delacon Call ID is your link to calculating call outcome including CPA or Cost Per Acquisition.

By capturing the Call ID in your CRM system, you can track all calls from your marketing campaigns through to conversion.

Displaying the Delacon Call ID

Here’s how it work: every call that passes through the Delacon network is allocated a unique 7-digit number – the “Delacon Call ID”, allowing each call to be uniquely identifiable.

The Delacon Call ID can be displayed to call center operators to identify incoming calls. After seeing the Delacon Call ID on their screen, the operator can then enter it into their CRM to bring up the customer details and match it with the incoming call.

Many of our clients use this feature to quickly identify call activity in the CRM and access the call analytics information captured by our call tracking solution. These details may include where the call is coming from, the keyword searched for, the ad clicked on and the landing page called from.

Using call details to personalize the call can help create a better quality call and a better call outcome.

Using the Delacon Call ID to track the call outcome

The Delacon Call ID can also be used calculate CPA.

Many clients start using Call Tracking to attribute a phone call to its source (to see what campaigns are working, optimize accordingly and then more accurately calculate CPL) but also use the Delacon Call ID to track call outcome and CPA.

As a call can be uniquely identified using the Delacon Call ID and matched in the CRM, the outcome status in the CRM (whether it is Closed/Won, Closed/Lost etc. and the value of the closed opportunity) can be matched back to the original call record.

As a result, our clients can see not just which campaigns and keywords generate calls, but also whether those calls result in sales or bookings, and the money value of those calls.

By taking this data and the cost of the advertising, you can calculate CPA more accurately, by accurately attribution of sales values to campaigns and keywords.

If you could like to discuss this feature more and how it can work for you please contact us.