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Automatic Number Updater

Delacon has developed an easy and convenient method of rolling out our call tracking solution to your webpage.

Our new ‘Automated Tracking Number’ feature allows you to automatically update all your phone numbers across your website with our supplied call tracking number, without having to do it manually.

How does it work?

When you set up call tracking normally, you are required to add in Delacon supplied Java Script code into the header of each page you require a call tracking number.

You are also required to add in ‘Span’ or ‘Div’ tags with the number that requires updating.

In order for the new feature to work, you simply need to replace your code with a single line of code into each page you have a call tracking number. There is no need to add in ‘Span’ or ‘Div’ tags for every single number.

The new line of code is:

<script src="" async></script>

Please note:

  1. Where it says ‘MID‘ and ‘CID‘ you need to add in your MID and CID.
  2. If you have multiple CIDs, the code will look like the below:
<script src="" async></script>

What does this line of code do?

By adding in this replacement line of code, our code will be able to search for what you have defined as your ‘Business Phone Number’. When it has found this number, it will replace it with the call tracking number or numbers we have provided to you. When your ‘Business Phone Number’ is replaced with a call tracking number, it allows for a visitor on your site who calls that number to be tracked.

Your ‘Business Phone Number’ is defined in the Delacon Portal in the ‘Edit Business Details’ section. This section can be seen in the image below:

Accessing the Delacon Portal

The Delacon Portal can be accesses by going to the below URL:

You will need your User ID and Password to login.

For a more detailed guide on integrating Delacon’s call tracking solution into your website, please view our integration guide.